COPAM Individual Awards

Central Ohio Patient Account Managers (COPAM) recognizes that the strength of the association depends on volunteers, who contribute their time, notions, and vigor to serve the healthcare industry, their profession, and tier peers. Active participation in COPAM enables members and associate members with opportunities for professional development, information, networking, and advocacy. COPAM has dedicated four areas of appreciation for volunteer leaders who have served beyond the position descriptions that are to be recognized at the annual December holiday meeting and luncheon. Nominations may be submitted by COPAM board and membership then reviewed and approved by the COPAM Directors and Officers. Plaques may or may not be sponsored by the group, membership or an associate member organization.


The Sharon Scruggs Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to a current member who like the namesake of the award exemplifies outstanding performance in education, improvement, innovation, member communication, member service and collaboration throughout their professional career. Sharon has held numerous leadership positions on the COPAM Board, moderated panels and led presentations at various times in her career. Sharon is an original member from 1987 and current member.

Spirit of Service (Volunteer) Award

Awarded to any current COPAM member who is not currently an active director or officer, who has made outstanding contributions to the organization or membership in the current year.

Associate Member of the Year Award

Any current COPAM associate member or vendor partner who has supported COPAM’s primary mission of enhancing professional development of the membership through educational opportunities.

Board Member of the Year Award

Awarded to any current board member or committee chair who has supported COPAM through exceptional leadership, volunteering time and resources to ensure toward a successful educational year.

Prior Award Winners:

  • Susan McDonald, CBCS, the Spirit of Service (Volunteer) Award
  • Ken Stoll, United Collection Bureau, Inc., Board Member of the Year Award
  • Charles Cataline, the Ohio Hospital Association, the Sharon Scruggs Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Sharon Scruggs, Fairfield Medical Center, Lifetime Achievement Award then renamed for her dedication and service to the organization over a career
  • Rita Bruce, O’Bleness Memorial Hospital, the Spirit of Service (Volunteer) Award
  • Casey Williams, RevSpring, Associate Member of the Year

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